San Diego's Best Dive Center

At Beyond Land Adventures, we are San Diego's dive experts. Our dive professionals are rigourously trained and our students are ready to dive all across the globe. We pride ourselves on being an education first facility, which is why we are the only San Diego dive center that can say 100% of our staff are certified Divemasters or Instructors. We offer all levels of instruction ranging from new divers to training dive instructors. As a full-line dealer for major dive gear manufacturers, we offer great gear at a great price backed by the expert advice and service of our dive professional team. Less than a third of the Earth's surface is land; our passion is everything that lies beyond that!

Have you always dreamed of exploring under the sea? Are you ready to learn how to dive? Get certified for life, all across the world today! We offer a courses to fit every new diver's needs.
Are you ready to discover underwater shipwrecks? Do you want to learn to dive at night? Learn about our exceptional specialty education program and find your next adventure today!
Are you visiting San Diego or just want to get to know the local dive sites better? Let our knowledgeable and experienced Divemasters show you the many hididen gems of California's beautiful waters!
Are you ready to make the ocean your new office? Do you want to share your passion for diving with new and experienced divers? Learn how to become a dive professional and start your underwater career today!