• Stress and Rescue

Stress and Rescue

Are you ready to learn how to problem-solve underwater? Do you want to learn how to be part of a team to work to find missing divers and assist divers experiencing challenges underwater?

Tank and Weight Rental Included with Course. Pricing Includes Digital Student Materials and Certification Fees. Rental Gear Option Includes the Following: BC, Regulator System, Dive Computer, Wetsuit, and Hood. Student must provide or may rent at addition

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Take the Stress & Rescue course and learn how to be a great dive buddy! This course focuses on improving your ability to identify and respond to problems before they become dangerous. During two weekends, you will learn in the classroom, develop skills in the pool, and then put your skills to the test in the ocean.

The Stress & Rescue course is the benchmark for "real" dive buddies. All of our instructors say the same thing: when you become a rescue diver, you move from being a student to our dive buddies.

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