Scuba Courses

Learn To Dive

Open Water Diver

Ever looked out into the water and wondered what it would be like to explore its unending beauty? You’re not alone! The Earth’s surface is about 71% water and is filled with incredible pla... Find Out More

Core Dive Skills

Deep Diver

Are you ready to explore new depths? Do you want to be able to explore dive sites down to 130 feet? Learn how to plan, stage, and execute deep dives in this course that focuses on the theory and pr... Find Out More

Enriched Air / Nitrox

What is Enriched Air? To understand what Enriched Air is, we have to discuss what regular air is. The air we breathe is approximately 21% Oxygen (20.95% more accurately). The rest is almost entirel... Find Out More

Night Diver

In many dive sites across the world, the setting sun heralds a transformation that brings out a world of creatures normally unseen. Ample nocturnal marine life and ample opportunity in San Diego make ... Find Out More

Stress and Rescue

Are you ready to learn how to problem-solve underwater? Do you want to learn how to be part of a team to work to find missing divers and assist divers experiencing challenges underwater? Tank and W... Find Out More


Navigation underwater is a crucial skill to New and Advanced divers that allows them find specific dive sites, enter and exit the water with ease, and complete search patterns. Tank and Weight Rent... Find Out More

Perfect Buoyancy

Who should take this course? Excellent buoyancy control is what defines skilled scuba divers. You’ve seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover a... Find Out More

Specialized Equipment Specialt...

SCR Diving

Extended Dive Time Horizon divers get an average of 3-8 times longer dives! Use a standard nitrox tank available at destinations around the world The price includes all of the following: ... Find Out More

Equipment Techniques

Are you interested in finding out how your Total Diving System works? Do you want to learn how the dive professionanls choose their gear? Do you want to learn how to make field repairs and save your b... Find Out More

Search and Recovery

Have you dreamed of finding underwater treasure? Are you still searching for the snorkel you dropped during your Open Water class? Learn how to effectively complete search patterns and recovery heavy ... Find Out More

Ecology Specialties

Shark Ecology

Many humans fear sharks, but is that reputation deserved? By taking the SSI Shark Ecology program, you will learn how sharks and their behavior are often misunderstood, and how you can safely observe ... Find Out More

Manta & Ray Ecology

This program teaches you about the amazing variety of rays you can find in our oceans, how to recognize ray species by their unique physical characteristics and behaviors, and the vital role rays play... Find Out More

Coral Identification

Coral reefs are the building blocks of many ocean ecosystems. This program teaches you the skills and concepts required to recognize and identify common families of coral species. You will earn the SS... Find Out More

Fish Identification

Find Out More

Marine Ecology

This program provides a general understanding of the complex and exciting science of marine ecology, which is the study of how organisms interact with each other and the environment, the flow of energ... Find Out More

Sea Turtle Ecology

This program teaches you the skills and concepts required to recognize and identify common species of sea turtles, describes their history and role in marine ecosystems, and threats to their survival.... Find Out More

Adventure Specialties

Wreck Diver

Are you ready to learn how to dive on underwater wrecks? Have you been hearing about the HMCS Yukon ever since your Open Water class and you're ready to see the 366-foot ship up close? Boat Tic... Find Out More

Advanced Wreck Diving

Boat Ticket and Tank and Weight Rental Included with Course. Pricing Includes Digital Student Materials and Certification Fees. Rental Gear Option Includes the Following: BC, Regulator System, Dive Co... Find Out More

Search and Recovery

Have you dreamed of finding underwater treasure? Are you still searching for the snorkel you dropped during your Open Water class? Learn how to effectively complete search patterns and recovery heavy ... Find Out More

Decompression Diving

The SSI Decompression Diving Specialty will teach you how to dive beyond the no-decompression limits. You will learn to plan and conduct dives to a maximum depth of 132 feet with limited decompre... Find Out More


SCUBA Skills Update / Refreshe...

SCUBA SKILLS UPDATE Class includes tanks and weights, select with materials if you need a full set of dive gear for the course Find Out More

More Specialties

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Div...

Are you ready to battle underwater zombies for the fate of the world? Join the search for humanity's last hope! In this scenario based class, you will work with your teammates to search for a s... Find Out More

React Right (CPR / First Aid /...

Do you want to learn CPR and First Aid? Are you ready to adminster Oxygen in the unlikely event of a diver emergency? Find Out More

Science of Diving

Do you want to understand the "behind the scenes" of SCUBA? Want to learn about the physics and physiology that make diving possible and safe? Are you preparing to join a dive professional p... Find Out More

Professional Specialties


Divemasters are the front line of the diving world. They are expert divers, with exceptional dive skills, a deep base of knowledge, and a calm, friendly presence that makes both new and experienced di... Find Out More

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructors take a larger role in training new divers by teaching basic skills and helping develop buoyancy control in the ocean Find Out More

Open Water Instructor

Open Water Instructors are the core of the dive instructional system. They help create new divers, develop specialized skills in experienced divers, and help train the next generation of dive professi... Find Out More

Advanced Open Water Instructor

The Advanced Open Water Instructor Rating is a recognition of a dive instructor who can produce not just basic divers, but experienced and comfortable divers, with specialized skills. Find Out More

Divemaster Instructor

The Divemaster Instructor Rating is a recognition of a dive instructor who has the experience and skills necessary to produce dependable dive professionals on a consistent basis. Find Out More

Assistant Instructor Trainer

Assistant Instructor Trainers prepare Divemasters to take the next step into running courses independently and teaching new divers skills for the first time. A challenging certification to acquire, As... Find Out More

Master Instructor Trainer

Master Instructors are extremely seasoned dive professionals who have taught all levels of training and helped develop many dive professionals. Master Instructor is a recognition earned by few dive pr... Find Out More

Instructor Trainer

Instructor Trainers are tested and certified by SSI Headquarters after a rigorous program designed to ensure exceptional knowledge, skills, and teaching ability. They must re-qualify every two years b... Find Out More


Freediving Level 1

Are You Ready to Free Yourself and Experience the Ocean Like Never Before? Learn how to effectively dive underwater, maximizing your time underwater, so you can interact with the aquatic world like... Find Out More

Freediving Level 2

Ready to Develop Your Freediving Skills and Descend to the Next Level? During your Level 2 Freediving Class, you will build on the skills you developed in your Level 1 program. Many freedivers... Find Out More