• Night Diver

Night Diver

In many dive sites across the world, the setting sun heralds a transformation that brings out a world of creatures normally unseen. Ample nocturnal marine life and ample opportunity in San Diego make night diving one of the most popular activities for divers in the area. While diving at night may sound challenging, it is an incredible experience and a skill you will learn as part of the Night Diver course.

Tank and Weight Rental Included with Course. Pricing Includes Digital Student Materials and Certification Fees. Rental Gear Option Includes the Following: BC, Regulator System, Dive Computer, Wetsuit, and Hood. Student must provide or may rent at addition

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Over the course of two ocean learning sessions, you will learn how to us hand signals at night, how to navigate using just your compass and light, and how to prepare a dive site for night diving.

Once you are certified, come join the San Diego dive community on weeknight dives at the Shores and rediscover an old dive site as hundred of critters come out to play!

Skill Level: Beginner

Skill Details: Prerequisite Certification: Open Water

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