Why Choose Us?


We started with a simple dream: to create a San Diego SCUBA center focused on exceptional training, gear, and experiences. Out of these ideas sprung Beyond Land Adventures. We love exploring the ocean and our passion is to help as many people as possible join us!

What makes us exceptional?

We are committed to providing the best customer service and learning environment for all of our customers. To that end, we started with these ideas:

  • We hire only dive professionals. Every member of our team is a certified Divemaster or Instructor. That means that our customers get knowledgeable information every time they choose us for their adventures! Our dive professionals have taught thousands of divers and are excited to teach thousands more!
  • We cap all of our classes at 6 students. That is our absolute maximum. While the technical maximum we could take in a class is 12 students, we adjusted that because we believe that an intimate learning environment is crucial for learning and helps develop a strong relationship and trust between student and instructor. For our more challenging classes, we impose even smaller class sizes to further our students' learning and ensure their safety.
  • We have exceptional gear both in our store and in our rental fleet. We feature exceptional SCUBAPRO and Aqua Lung gear and our rental fleet is far from the standard. We maintain high-end, weight integrated BCDs and console computers for our rental gear. We chose our gear with our students' comfort, learning, and safety in mind.
  • We do not "sell" divers on gear. We do not push any particular items or try to upsell anyone. Our goal is to help you find the best gear to match your dive goals, abilities, and budget. We definitely want you to come buy gear from us, but we do not want you to have to come back to buy the same thing again because you bought the wrong item the first time. Our experienced dive professionals will guide to finding the best gear after discussing your needs with you.
  • Our divers consistently come back from dive trips telling us a similar story about how they were among the best divers in the group. They are usually shocked by how poor buoyancy control is among students trained at dive centers that prioritize profit over exceptional training. It is a difficult thing to explain, but once you go on your first dive trip, you will be glad you trained with us!