Adventure Specialties

Wreck Diver

Are you ready to learn how to dive on underwater wrecks? Have you been hearing about the HMCS Yukon ever since your Open Water class and you're ready to see the 366-foot ship up close? Boat Tic... Find Out More

Advanced Wreck Diving

Boat Ticket and Tank and Weight Rental Included with Course. Pricing Includes Digital Student Materials and Certification Fees. Rental Gear Option Includes the Following: BC, Regulator System, Dive Co... Find Out More

Search and Recovery

Have you dreamed of finding underwater treasure? Are you still searching for the snorkel you dropped during your Open Water class? Learn how to effectively complete search patterns and recovery heavy ... Find Out More

Decompression Diving

The SSI Decompression Diving Specialty will teach you how to dive beyond the no-decompression limits. You will learn to plan and conduct dives to a maximum depth of 132 feet with limited decompre... Find Out More