• Explorers Group Class

Explorers Group Class

The Explorers program allows aquatic adventurers as young as six* to begin their underwater adventure!

The program has four core components, which are Snorkeling, Mermaid, Freediving, and SCUBA.

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Once you have signed up your child, you will receive an exciting book that has information, pictures, stickers, and lots more fun for them to start their learning journey! The emphasis of this program is FUN! Your child will join our groups to learn the basics of these aquatic sports, while playing games and having a blast!

Our exceptional instructors are trained and experienced. Our youth instruction team is made up of dive instructors who love to work with young divers and are experienced in all four disciplines!

Once you have registered, you will receive a link to start reserving your spot in classes. Your child must attend a snorkeling session first, but then may progress to any of the other disciplines. There is no fixed requirement of when to do the classes or time limit to finish, so your child can move along at their pace!

Minimum Age: Six (6)*

Swimming Requirement: Your child must be a comfortable swimmer and should be able to comfortably swim a lap of a standard swimming pool (25 yards) without assistance from others or swim aids (other than goggles). There is a quick swim assessment done before each session to ensure all children can safely participate.

Gear Required: We provide all necessary gear for this program, but we encourage you to come into our store with your child to try on some masks as a well fitted mask can increase comfort for your little one!

*Explorers must be eight (8) before participating in the SCUBA sessions

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