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Extended Dive Time

Horizon divers get an average of 3-8 times longer dives!

Use a standard nitrox tank available at destinations around the world

The price includes all of the following:

  • Horizon Rebreather Unit
  • Full Course Training (Classroom, Pool, and Ocean training)
  • Bottom Gas Regulator
  • Tank Rental for Course
  • Scrubber for Course
  • Digital Student Materials
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Releasing a fraction amount of bubbles, the Horizon allows divers to explore the "silent world" while observing marine life uninhibited by disturbance of human visitors

A photographer's dream, the unit allows diver to capture moments underwater with ease and calm.


The Horizon is scalable to more advanced dives.

Uses the ZH-L16C Bühlmann algorithm with gradient factors, programmable bottom gas and decompression gas, within operational limits (up to 40m) the unit provides, decompression obligations like that of a closed-circuit re-breather.


No tools required, Harness can be fully adjusted to achieve comfort in and out of the water.

Nitrox cylinders can be obtained at the dive center on reaching your destination, so you do not have to bring your own.

No prepacked scrubber cartridges required - scrubber canisters can be re-filled by the diver at the destination.


The gas mix can be changed during the dive time or decrease decompression time.

Checklist and the diver controller guide you through preparing for the dive in minutes


Combined, the Horizon unit and regulators should be fit in a single suitcase, weighing about 38lbs in total.

Packed in a suitcase, the unit should comfortably fit within the standard checked baggage allowance for most airlines


During a total system failure, the unit supplies an open circuit nitrox breathing gas mix, a sophisticated monitoring system informs the diver of how much time remains before they must replace the scrubber material.


The shape of the Horizon unit provides the ideal, horizontal trim.

The combination of warm air and improved dive position makes breathing natural and effortless.

The specially contoured, ergonomic unit includes a soft backplate, lumbar support, butt plate, and padded harness strap.


The Horizon training course is set up to get you comfortable and capable diving your Horizon rebreather. We move through the course one-on-one to ensure that you understand how to plan your dive, prepare your unit, dive on the Horizon, and how to pack everything up after. Here's the general outline of the course:

Knowledge Development

Digital Student Materials - You will read about the theory behind rebreather diving and learn how the Horizon works as well as watch videos on the skills we will practice

Classroom Session 1 -  We will learn some of the basics about the theory of rebreather diving and how the unit works

Classroom Session 2 - We will spend time with the unit learning how to properly check and care for the unit

Classroom Session 3 - We will go through dive planning and managing stress and emergencies underwater

Dry Land Session - We will get the unit set up for you, including configuring all straps and adjusting the unit to your body to ensure comfort underwater

Pool Sessions -

Pool Session 1 - The basics of establishing and controlling buoyancy underwater while rebreather diving

Pool Session 2 - Learning and practicing emergency scenarios as well as more buoyancy practice

Ocean Dives - We will complete four dives on the unit so you can practice your skills and get comfortable on the unit


Does it take a long time to set up the Horizon to dive?
No, the Horizon was built to be easy to use and easy to set up! As with all diving, you have to give yourself some time to set up and check your gear, but experienced Horizon divers can set up their unit in about 15 minutes.

Does it take a long time to breakdown and clean the unit?
No, the Horizon does take a little longer than traditional SCUBA gear to clean, but the whole process takes about 15 minutes for an average dive.

Do I need special tanks to dive the Horizon?
No! You can dive the Horizon with any nitrox tank above 30% so it's easy to rent tanks while abroad or borrow a tank while on a boat trip. This is a unique feature of the Horizon system that makes it easy to dive!

Can I travel with the Horizon?
Absolutely! The Horizon was designed for travel! The unit weighs less than 40lbs and can fit in a standard suitcase that meets airlines requirements. Since you can use standard tanks, you do not have to worry about bringing tanks with you!

Are rebreathers more dangerous than other SCUBA?
All diving comes with risk, but the Horizon has several features to minimize risks to a diver. The Horizon is built for recreational use and helps divers make safe dives!

Do you really see more marine life?
Yes! You will be amazed at the surreal calm and quiet of the underwater world!


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